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Moon Calendar Project

Bringing together 15 incredible women to co-create the calendar’s artwork. Together we researched and discussed the energetics of the moon and then supported each other to create art that expressed our connection to the moon during that time. Some women painted, others collaged, some wove, and others made digital designs. The result is an impressive mosaic of creative expression, all inspired by the moon and the theme of weaving, to honor and support the weaving school. We hope that you can feel the love and intention that is woven into these pieces.

Moon Calednar 2022 copy.jpg

Snow Moon

featured in the 2022 Moon Calendar

Crust on snow moon.

Sweet and slow moon.

Little resting space in between beating hearts. 

Dusk dampens silky branches.

Walking into a desert dream.

New Mon: Set intentions for collective heatlth

Water Moon

featured in the 2023 Moon Calendar 

A wrinkle in time is a metaphor to imagine all the possibilities of what our lives could ever have been. If time could fold in on itself, could we alter our decisions? Represented in mystical reflections, the moon is a guide for change. We cannot alter the past but when we consider the future, we find endless possibilities. 

New Moon: What am I ready to prepare?

MoonCal_2022_088 copy.jpg
Shelby-MoonCal_sewing copy.jpg

Woven Moon

featured in the 2024 Moon Calendar 

Interweaving Our Reality: The unyielding presence of the moon serves as an enduring symbol in our lives, a constant reminder that it will always reappear. This artwork explores the concept of glitches in our reality. The materials used include a scanned image, a digital representation of wildfire smoke, and thread.

Plant of the Moonth: Arnica 

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