Shelby McAuliffe Photographing a wedding, 2015

Photograph by Kyle Wirgler

Shelby McAuliffe is an interdisciplinary artist in photography and installation work. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in May 2015 with a BA in Art, emphasis in photography and a BA in French Studies. She is currently attending University of Colorado, Boulder as a candidate for her Masters of Fine Art in Photography. 


She has spent the last ten years photographing the environment and urban landscapes throughout various countries. Her area of focus encourages study of the relationship humans have to their surroundings and how wildlife has adapted to metropolitan areas. She is  interested in investigating the coexistence of urban and natural environments. She works specifically with environmental/ecological and anthropological research. Combining the arts and the humanities through a visually engaging multi-media experience that extends beyond the gallery walls to the immediate surroundings.  

Recent work includes her installation of Urban Biophony exhibited most recently at the Museum of Natural History at CU Boulder, funded in part, by the Candace Garlock Curatorial Grant through the Sierra Arts Foundation and the museum. Invisible Disruptions:The cultural politics of fracking in Colorado at the Arbor Institute funded by the 2019 NEST fellowship. McAuliffe has shown work at Sierra Arts Gallery in Reno, NV,  PhotoNOLA, and Araguato in Colombia, South America.