@ 2020 All photographs by Shelby McAuliffe 

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Boulder, Colorado Artist

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Unrolling 3D

This project is to create a 3D object in Rhino, deconstruct it into a 2D surface and then piece it back together to reconstruct as a 3D object again. I've taken inspiration from the audio mating call of the Sage Grouse found in the heart of the Nevada and Colorado deserts. The Sage Grouse is an endangered species that lives among the sagebrush. This illusive male bird coos while clapping its large breasts together like drums during its mating call. Below is a visualization of the audio from the sage grouse. Its repetitive pattern creates an interesting rhythm. Spikes with the coos and a low drum wavering until it coos again. Using a section of the audio clipping, I used polyline and control

Barrel Cactus in Layers

Foam Barrel Cactus This project is my first attempt to work with a 3D object within Rhino 6. The project will utilize a CNC router machine to carve a 3 dimensional object. I used the polygon curve to create a 20 point start shape. After creating my initial shape with a star curve I copied and scaled each to act as the bottom, center and top of my closed surface. I lofted the three different sized star shapes to create the solid form pictured above. After closing the surface I used a bounding box and extracted the curve wire frame. I used the divide tool to split one of the side curves into 4 sections. (seen above with 5 white points on the left of the bounding box) Once I divided the height